600ml Tritan Water Bottle with Integrated Pill Oragnizer


Bottle of water meets organizer pill ... the possibilities are endless!
This  Bottle holds 600 ml of your favorite drink, plus has a built-in organizer pill with 7 separate compartments for each day of the week.
The new Water Bottle with integrated Pill Organizer - is a great change from your everyday medicine/pill box!
Work hard in the gym trying to make those gains? Stay rehydrated and revitalized with your water bottle sport with built-in vitamin organizer, which can hold up to 600 ml of your chosen thirst quenching kindness. You are guaranteed to be the envy of the gym - who needs cannons when you are locked and loaded with this 
great way to take your medication while on the road !!!
Removable integrated pill organizer, make it a sports bottle of water
Tritan body, scratch resistance, 100% BPA-free for heath-security
 600 ml 

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