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Smart Bulb



Does it ever cross your mind to turn your home to a more fun, comfortable, easier place to live like a smart home? If you are, then this one is for you!

Technology really has impressed us with all these smart options for our home. Making life at home more fun, easier and comfortable.

Transitioning to a smart home may be a bit pricey, why don't you start with our Smart Bulbs!

Smart Bulbs are LED light bulbs that you can control remotely with your smart phone or even voice command. How cool is that, right?

It is a way to revolutionize how we take control over our lighting conditions at home. It's not just something to brag with your neighbors and friends (though it's really cool), it will also help conserve precious energy , it will improve your home security and connectivity.

With your smart phone you can access your lights anytime anywhere. You can turn it on and off without using the time to go for the switch. You can suddenly change the mood in a room if you feel like it by changing the colors the bulbs are giving you.

Smart technology are meant to make life easier, not to make us lazy but to let us live smarter. Here the benefits of switching to Smart Bulbs

  • Uses LED light bulbs that consumes less energy to light an entire room than incandescent ones.
  • It lasts longer than incandescent light bulbs
  • You can increase home security as you can access these light bulbs remotely with your smart phone.
  • It's fun as it is functional. You can do so much with Smart Bulbs, you can change a rooms' mood by changing the color of the bulb.

Initially, Smart Bulbs may cost more than the ones we used to use but with the control Smart Bulbs gives you and how it perform in the long run I can say with confidence that it is a smart investment and improvement for your home.


  • Name of the application: intelligent life
  • Color: distinguishes silver
  • Power: 6 W
  • Lightweight body material: aluminum
  • LED type: SMD3030
  • Number of led: 22 pieces
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Beam angle: 180 degrees
  • Input voltage: AC85-265V
  • Lumens: 400-460LM
  • Wireless type: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
  • Wireless standard: IEEE 802.11b / g / n
  • Color temperature: 2700-6500 K + RGB
  • Life time: ≥30000 hours
  • Basic type: E27, GU5.3
  • System Support: IOS / Android
  • Type of control signal: Wifi
  • Product weight: 55 grams
  • Packing size: 50X50X70MM




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