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PROEDGE™ Knife Sharpener

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Transforms your dull blades into razor-sharp tools in seconds!

Feel fed up using a dull knife while doing some stuff in your kitchen?

Generic fixed-edge knife sharpeners only sharpen one way. They grind your knives, ultimately destroying the blade. And oftentimes you need to purchase a secondary knife sharpener for your serrated and beveled blades.

PROEDGE™ Knife Sharpener is an innovative knife sharpener that works on all types of knife blades! Two independent spring-action made of ultra-hard tungsten carbide that flexes and contours to any blade and any angle. A serrated knife or beveled knife, you can sharpen it with PROEDGE™ Knife Sharpener.

It is small enough to fit in your knife drawer or cabinet when not in use. Restore your old knives to their former glory. With PROEDGE™ Knife Sharpener, you can chop, slice, filet, and dice just like the first day you used your knives.

  • CONTOURS TO YOUR BLADE'S SHAPE - Fixed edge sharpeners grind down and destroy your knives. Replaces your Japanese sharpening stone, water sharpening, stone, and knife sharpening block. Thanks to the two independent spring-action arms made from ultra-hard tungsten carbide, flexes, and contours to any blade or angle. Ceramic blades are not recommended to be used with PROEDGE™ Knife Sharpener.

  • SHARPENS DULL KNIVES IN SECONDS - Just because your old knives are dull doesn’t mean you need to toss them in the trash. This gives your knives a makeover and restores them to their former glory using Bavarian Edge kitchen knife sharpener.

  • SHARPEN, HONE, & POLISH - It sharpens your kitchen knives in seconds. But it goes beyond sharpening. It also hones knives, the process which burnishes out deformities in and realigns the blade. Polish your knife to get rid of surface scratches and restore its luster.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 12.5 x 8 x 17 cm


  • 1 x PROEDGE™ Knife Sharpener



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