Princess Dresses. 65% OFF!


  • Princess Dresses
    Princess grande

  • Fancy a princess dress for a costume party at home? Play time will never be the same again. Entertain your beautiful daughter with these beautiful fairytale costumes and dresses! Get one today!
  • Limited time offer! Dress just like your favorite Disney Princess
  • Glittery sparkly detailed dress, shimmers and glimmers with every step
  • A fantastic dress up item for little girls with big fairytale dreams in their hearts
    Size Chart

2T-2yrs          100cm-Height

3T-3Yrs         110cm -Height  

4T-4Yrs         120cm-Height

5T=5Yrs        130cm-Height

6T-6Yrs         140cm-Height

Prices are all in USD. Please allow 3-6 weeks for international shipping.


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