Portable Mobile Mini Mic



Inspire Uplift iMiniMic Portable Mobile iMiniMic

Product Description:

1. Frequency response is specially designed based on the voice characteristics; the bright timbre of intermediate frequency area with low-frequency attenuation
2. Uniform Cardioid directivity can effectively enhance the main sound source while maximizing suppression of background noise; the colorful microphone holder can reduce the noise generated by holding the microphone.
3. Anti-spray, noise proof and windproof foam filter is high-performance, rugged and reliable, durable, plug and play, simple, convenient, good voice, clear sound.

Package Contains:

Mini Microphone    *1
iMiniMic portable microphone, you can use as an all-in-one Mobile Studio. Sing wherever and whenever you want. Designed to be compatible with IOS/Android phonetablet, laptop, and PC. Perfect for every amateur artist who wants to rehearse their lyrics while having fun! Sing every day with this easy to use, plug and play All-in-one Mobile Microphone Studio! 

Material: Alloy

Please allow 2-6 Weeks for International Shipping

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