Poly Gel Nail Extension



Step 1: Complete your POLYGEL nail prep. Apply PROBOND to nails
Step 2: Squeeze just the right amount of POLYGEL out of the tube, slice product with your PolyTOOL. Roll product onto the nail.
Step 3: Using your PolyTOOL brush with a small amount of SLIP SOLUTION, pat product into the nail. Shape all nails.
Step 4: Cure 30 seconds in 18G LED LIGHT.
Step 5: File and shape nails with a 180 grit file and smooth with the 180 grit buffer. Cleanse with NAIL SURFACE CLEANSE and WIPE IT OFF lint-free nail wipe.
Step 6: Apply a thin coat of TOP IT OFF. Cure 30 seconds. Cleanse with Nail Surface Cleanse and a lint-free nail wipe.

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