Multifunction Car Stack Organizer


Never Spill anything again while you are driving! Multi-case auto cup organizer is here!

The Multi-function Car Stack Organizer is perfect for adding more helping hands in your car. It conveniently adds more cup holders in your car while also giving you a nifty spot for your sunglasses, phone and other belongings. It fits into practically any cup holder and it's a perfect addition to your car. 

  • Convenient and Creative - can be rotated to any angle.
  • Small but Practical - can place mobile phone, key, sunglasses, pen and small things.
  • Creates Extra Storage - attractive appearance, convenient and practical, nice decoration for your car within easy reach.

Stay organized with all your belongings without needing to sacrifice your space.

Size: 87*94*190mm 

Please allow 2-6 Weeks for International Shipping

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