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Mideer™ Kids Storybook Torch

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Want to create a fun night storytime with your kids?

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Kids who hear a lot of languages do better in school. And being read to is one of the best ways to hear the language.

Reading to toddlers sets the foundation for later independent reading. Reading problems can be challenging to fix when discovered in elementary school. But many reading problems can be prevented if reading starts in the toddler and preschool years.

Before children can read by themselves, they need early literacy skills. These include:

  • having a large vocabulary of words and knowing how to use them
  • understanding that words are made up of smaller sounds (called phonemic awareness)
  • understanding that marks on a page represent letters and words
  • knowing the letters of the alphabet

You don't need games, flashcards, or special instruction for a toddler to learn these skills. Reading to kids as often as possible is the best way to help them learn to read by themselves.

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Have a fun, creative storytime when you use this Mideer™ Kids Storybook Torch. This torch comes with 8 different projection discs that clip onto its end. Each of the discs, when projected onto the wall or ceiling, tells a colorful story.

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The Mideer™ Kids Storybook Torch is super easy to carry. It has a handle for your kid to bring it anywhere. It also has an adjustable focal length, adjusts it depending on your distance.

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  • Starlight: Portable design, easy to carry, no matter where you go, you can bring this together with your kids.
  • Creative lighthouse shape: The warm yellow light illuminates and the baby goes to sleep. After 15 minutes, the light automatically turns off.
  • Adjustable focal length: the zoom lens makes the image clearer. The farther the distance is, the larger the image is. The recommended projection distance is about 20-60in.
  • Rotating film: seeing pictures, telling stories, and stimulating your baby's language skills. You can tell stories and enjoy the time with your children with warm lighting.
  • Kids Storybook Torch: This beautiful story-telling torch comes with 8 different projection discs that clip onto its end. Each of the discs, when projected onto the wall or ceiling, tells a colorful story. Projects 64 different images.
  • Projector Flashlight Material: Our toys are made of high-quality material, safe and non-toxic.
  • Easy Use: Remove the protective battery cover, turn on the lamp, and rotation to right can adjust the focal length. Press once for Story Projection, press twice for Night Light, and press three times to turn off the light. Automatically turn off in 15 minutes after last use.
  • Educational Toys: Attractive stories and cute image-changing picture projector brushing up children's imaginative role-play skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Great Gift: Let children see the abundant animal world. Improve children's imagination and creativity through bedtime fantastic stories. Not afraid of the dark anymore!

Mideer™ Kids Storybook Torch

"It’s really cute. My kids like it really well. They like the features that the product has. And we have lots of choices of the shadows. Every night, we can change it for different themes before the sleep story. It’s so interesting. It’s easier for my kids to go to bed."

- Lucy, 35, User

  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 7.6 x 12.5 cm

Mideer™ Kids Storybook Torch


  • 1 x Mideer™ Kids Storybook Torch



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