Manicure Electric Kit with 6 Sanding Patterns


  • New Model 2018. Great deal for the Best Powerful professional quality electric nail file drill for beauty salon, beauty student, home use. RainbowPick has been used by many Nail Techs as a backup drill for nearly 30 years. First class customer service and support. Lighter than metal handpieces.
  • Exclusive and unique true salon professional (chrome plated) attachments included (no hobby tools bits) for shaping, filing, buffing, removing callus, and drilling nail charms. High power and variable speed selection 2000-35000 rpm, Standard Chuck 3/32. Long 5-ft cord for convenience. It is an AC drill (not rechargeable), works connected to wall outlet unlike our other rechargeable drills such.
  • Easily File, Shape, Buff natural or artificial nails and remove calluses. Includes hard to find chrome plated SPECIALTY attachments designed to be used for nail care. Includes even a nail charm drill. Convenient speed adjustment on the handpiece. Easy attachment change. No tools needed for inserting or removal of a bit. Will not overheat like other drills on market.For Nail Techs, Beauty Salons, Home Use. Manicure, pedicure, callus removal. Also pet grooming.

Package Content:

  • Electric nail drill machine x 1
  • AC adapter x 1
  • Bits x 6 (5 diamond bits, 1 emery rod with 4 sanding bands)

Safety Rules
Always unplug the tool when you change accessory
Do not use near or place in water. If motor falls into water, unplug immediately.
do not reach into the water
Do not touch the lamp bulb after use. The bulb is too hot to be touched by bare hands
Always unplug it after use
When the machine is not in use, all tool must be stored in a dry location.

Please allow 2-6 Weeks for International Shipping