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MAIKEE™ Laptop Cushion Table


If You Hate Leaving Bed, You Need This Laptop Desk!


Most bosses do not always approve when their employees call themselves the "Work-from-bedders" but studies suggest that 80% of New York City professionals work regularly from the bed. However, the study did not particularly say that it affected their productivity but more like their fertility.

Businessman working on laptop computer lying on bed – Jacob Lund ...

You might be fond of waking up to the sound of emails coming in and dozing off with a cup of coffee but the problem might be resting on your lap. The same study found that sperm count in western men is declining due to the heat of the laptop in direct contact with our reproductive organ.


This MAIKEE™ Laptop Cushion Table blocks off radiation and heat emitted by your laptop so you can still work as per usual but without the risks.

There's nothing better than checking your emails with a cup of coffee within your reach because it also has a built-in cup holder. How cool is that?!


"I had been working at my laptop like a gargoyle... Now I've finally found a solution. I'm a writer, I love working on my bed or sofa, this thing is the coolest laptop desk I've purchased!" - Jane, 


  • ERGONOMIC LAPTOP USAGE - Avoid possible infertility issues, bad posture, backaches & shoulder pains instantly!

  • Designed with a bean bag bottom to help keeps the laptop's heat off your legs (helping you avoid the dreaded Toasted Leg Syndrome). It makes it easy to get comfortable and also to adjust for different angles just by moving the ‘beans’ around. It conforms to every lap, adjusts from flat to a 20-degree angle.
  • It measures 12.7 inches across—wide enough to comfortably fit a 12-inch laptop. 

  • Designed with grooved edges to avoid spillage and with a convenient cup holder that is not necessarily just for your cup but also to keep highlighters, pens and pencils in while working.

  • It's perfect for those who are constantly on the go and are always in need of a space to work on!


  • Material: Plastic + Cotton
  • Size: 16.7 x 12.7 x 3.5 in


  • 1 x MAIKEE™ Laptop Cushion Table



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