Magic Wind Spin Hair Curl Diffuser


This Wind Spin Hair Curl Diffuser is perfect for anyone who loves to do their hair! Create beautiful, full, bouncy curls in second with this dryer diffuser that spins your hair like a tornado to dry and curl your hair simultaneously in seconds

Unlike curling irons and hot rollers that damage your hair, this Wind Spin Hair Curl Diffuser is healthier for your hair! A hair dryer and curler all in one! 


  • Create Beautiful, Full, Bouncy Curls in seconds! 
  • Easy and safe to use 
  • Works with all hair-dryers
  • Curl your hair without damage
  • Compact and portable 

     HOW TO USE:

    1. Wash hair, partially dry and apply a thermal spray
    2. Put wind spin diffuser on blow dryer
    3. Put sections of hair in the wind spin diffuser, turn on blow dryer low to moderate heat
    4. Move Diffuser up and down on hair section for a approx. 15 seconds then repeat on all sections of hair you want curled


      • Size: 21 x 16.5 x 6.3 cm
      • Material: Plastic + Rubber


      • 1 x Wind Spin Hair Curl Diffuser

      Please allow 2-6 Weeks For International Shipping

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