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Luminous Glow-In-The-Dark Blanket


Enjoy magical serenity in your slumber with this plushy glowing blanket!

Nothing says sweet dreams more than a glowing blanket that makes you feel like you’re sleeping in the clouds! Moreover, you can cure the fear of dark for the little ones with this glowy blanket and calm them in their sleep at night!

Our Luminous Glow-In-The-Dark Blanket is made of luminescent materials, this magic throw blanket will bring your sleep to a galactic level! The luminescent materials give out a calming glow at night!

🎄PREMIUM QUALITY: Our blanket is made of 100% plush polyester 300 GSM (gram per square meter) for comfortable and everyday durable use. This soft and elastic fuzzy, cozy and velvety throw blanket is breathable and keeps you warmSay goodbye to damp and cold climates!

🎄CLOUD SOFT TOUCH: The fluffy fabric has passed hypoallergenic tests to give you and your family the comfiest experiences! Say goodbye to the itching sensation of the traditional wool throw because this blanket is the comfiest thing you’ll ever have on your skin!

🎄GLOW BRIGHT AND LONGEVITY: Simply place the blanket under a bright light or sunlight for 10 minutes and turn off the light or bring it to a dark see the magic glow of the beautiful night sky with luminous moon and stars...Bring you good night comfort and childhood memories.

🎄EASY CARE: Made with an easy care fabric that is resistant to shrinking, fading and shedding. Machine washable in cold water and tumble dry on low setting. It stays the same as new after washing.

🎄WIDE RANGE OF USES: Plushy blankets are for everyone! This magical throw comes in 2 different sizes to give everyone a good cozy time! Use it for bed, stroller, car, couch, or virtually anywhere you like!


  • Material: Microfiber Polyester
  • Size: Choose from different sizes
  • Color: As in the pictures


  •  1 x Blanket



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