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Iridescent Foam Roller


There's nothing that can Shape your body and Relieve muscle pain like a great foam roller! 

This one not only is made with the highest quality EVA materials, including the small cloud-shaped textured surface for additional effectiveness, but its appearance is also stunning with its iridescent finish. 

High density, uniquely soft and gentle.  The texture delicately pins and stretches your soft tissue for a world-class therapeutic massage.  This roller is good for shoulders, lats, hamstrings, calves, quads, triceps, and biceps. 

Perfect for physical therapy rehab.  As an added bonus, it shapes a gorgeous body, as well!  Not only feel good physically but feel confident and incredible as everyone asks where you found that gorgeous foam roller!!  

Great for Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Gym, and Massages!

  • Medium-density muscle roller is comfortable to use - making it easy for beginners, but still effective at penetrating the soft tissue layer of tired muscles.
  • Soft enough to use while in pain from a lower back injury, sciatica, or plantar fasciitis.
  • One of the best recovery tools to treat muscle pain, increase performance and flexibility. Rolling before and after exercise is part of a great stretching routine. Increases blood flow to massage site, flushing away stored lactic acid.
  • Stretch overworked and strained muscles of the leg, arms, and feet by rolling during your warm-up and cooldowns.
  • Provides an instant benefit to the hamstring, glutes, and calves by delivering superior massages at home or in the gym.


    • Condition: New
    • Material: EVA
    • Roll Diameter: 15cm
    • Length: 30cm/45cm
    • Age Group: Adult
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Color: Blue, Pink, Purple
      • 1 x Iridescent Foam Roller



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