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Household Mold Remover Gel

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Get Rid of All Disgusting Molds Once and For All!

Household Mold Remover Gel is the ideal solution to tough mold stains. The thick gel clings to and penetrates stains on tile, grout, showers, and tubs without harsh fumes or over-spraying.

You can effortlessly get rid of those black and brown stains particularly on those sealed joints around your bath or shower and make it ready to receive guests in no time at all!

    • Wildly use, ultimate effective mold stain removal solution for a bathroom and household tiles, sinks, fittings, and sealants, etc.
    • No scrubbing working
    • Prevents mold growth from recurring
    • Kill bacteria and prevent germ
    • No more odor caused by bacteria, mold, and mildew
    • No toxic, no harm, safe to use.Easy to use and fast.

    How to use:

    1. Dry the area you would use the product on by using a tissue or cloth. If it is wet or moist, the gel may not be as effective.

    2. Open the lid and apply about 3mm of the gel to the mold.

    3. Leave for about 10-15 hours. After the given time period, you can use a brush to clean it (Tip! Apply before bedtime and clean it in the morning)

    4. In the case of deeply-rooted or bigger molds, increase the amount and duration of use. 


    • Material: Sodium hypochlorite, Sodium hydroxide
    • Size: 8.3 x 2.7 x 1.7 inches

    Package Includes:

    • 1x Household Mold Remover Gel



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