Grab N Go Cosmetic Bag



This cosmetic bag converts into an easily transportable handled clutch or Dopp kit, allowing for quick and effortless clean-up of your bits and pieces.

Cosmetic or accessory collections used on the Beauty Bags are easily spread out on a clean, contained and dry surface—there's even a pocket on the inside for discrete storage.

No more dumping your cosmetics collection onto a towel or having to worry about things rolling off the counter and onto the floor! Once you're done, simply pull the drawstring and the bag is converted back into a completely sealed soft pouch.

 Features: 100 percent twill poly. Both shell and liner provide water repellent wipeable surface and are easy to wash clean. 5-inch center elastic strap to hold special brushes or lipsticks. One 7 x 5 inch pocket on the inside surface.

Durable nylon cord and cord lock provide a quick and easy opening/closing system.

Special designed 'lip' around the bag, which will keep the contents of your bag from rolling off the counter or falling into the wet sink.

Velcroed front storage pocket provides a place to stow the drawstring when closed and carrying or storing the bag. Textured nylon handle adds both comfort and convenience for carrying.


All prices are listed in USD. Please allow 2-6 weeks for international shipping. 


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