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Golden Whiskey Dice Stones

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Chill your drink without dilution!

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There is no worse crime in the world than wasting a good whiskey. So, forget about melting ice and diluting your drinks.

Say goodbye to water ice cubes diluting your whiskey, beer or wine because Golden Whiskey Dice Stones are specially designed to maintain the best quality and taste of your favorite drinks while keeping it perfectly chilled.


Chill your drink to a constant temperature without any dilution and bring out all the essential aromas you like!

Drink with style and give your drinks an exclusive look with these Golden Whiskey Dice Stones.

Secure all five pieces of dice inside the matching Metal Canister, put it in the freezer and pop them into your drink ice-cold. It's the perfect gift for yourself!


"These are pretty cool. Very fancy set and look great on my bar next to my whiskey glassware set. They seem to stay cold for quite a while, certainly long enough for a relaxing drink I think. All in all, I think they're pretty good and don't really have anything bad to say about them. For that, I give them 5 stars. I will recommend them to anyone I know that is looking." - Leo, 34, USER

Golden Whiskey Dice Stones

  • An instant conversation starter and their round-edge shape prevent the scratching of your glassware.

  • Whiskey Stones are made of food-grade Stainless Steel, that will chill your liquor without diluting it.
    • Chills all varieties of liquor such as scotch, whiskey, vodka, wine and much more.
    • Unlike ice, whiskey stones are non-porous and thus odorless and tasteless.
      • It has a smooth surface, easy to clean, safety, sturdy, reusable, and durable.
      • A good choice for connoisseurs, home, restaurants or bars.
      • The stainless whiskey stones provide for rapid cooling and more sustained freezing.

        HOW TO USE

        Simply place the Golden Whiskey Dice Stones in the freezer for two hours, remove the stones and they are ready for instant use. Add it to your favorite libation and enjoy it. After use, just rinse the whiskey rocks and repeat.


        • Material: Aluminum alloy
        • Size: 1.6 cm X 1.6 cm X 1.6 cm


        • 5 x Golden Whiskey Dice Stones
        • 1 x Noble Portable Metal Case

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