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Glow In The Dark Shoe Laces


Stand out even in the dark!

You read that right! You can now glow strongly on your next night run. Awesome 5k coming up? Glow. Taking a night hike? Glow. Club or bar hopping? Glow. Sitting around with friends? Glow. You have no excuses not to.

Make your kicks pop when you lace them up with the Glow In The Dark Shoe Laces. These strapping shoelaces glow brighter than a supernova once they’ve spent some time in the light, so they can be seen in the blackest of holes.

Whether you’re wearing your most expensive shoes or the oldest pair of sneakers in the closet, these luminous shoelaces will make any shoe shine like new.


  • An excellent safety precaution to take when you are out biking, running or playing sports at night after dark.
  • Glow in the dark after a 5-minute exposure to light.

  • Durable and won't lose glow over time.

  • Each lace is 120cm long and will fit standard shoes and trainers!

  • A fantastic novelty gift for all ages.

Glow In The Dark Shoe Laces

Glow In The Dark Shoe Laces


    • Material: Cotton

    • Length: Approx. 120 cm / 47 inch

    • Width: Approx. 0.9 cm

    Glow In The Dark Shoe Laces


      • 1 pair x Glow In The Dark Shoe Laces

      Glow In The Dark Shoe Laces



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