Fitness Stability Ball 65cm



It seems like a trend these days to have these huge chunky balls in the gym. So what are these balls for? These are Stability Balls or also known as Exercise Balls or Balance Balls which are a great way to improve balance, strength and give you a cardio workout.

Size: 65cm
Style: Smooth
Color: Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Silver
Material: with thick and durable PVC
Feature: Anti-slip design
For: Pilates, yoga, weight training and other balance sports

● Made with thick and durable PVC materials, easy to clean and carry
● Anti-slip design makes training safe and increases exercise efficiency
● Suitable for pilates, yoga, weight training and other balance sports
● Can build muscles strength, improve body health, and shape a perfect figure
● Humanized design, fashionable and durable
● Bearing: 200kg

Note: The product that you purchase is in the state of compression, you need an air pump to inflate it to the effect as it shows in our picture.(Air pump is not included).

Prices are all in USD. Pls allow 2-6 wks for international shipping.

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