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Finisher Wire Clamp


Never Get Your Wires Tangled Ever Again!

Are you tired of all the messy wires from your gadgets and computer? Have you ever moved and got caught up in a couple of tangled wires? Well, you can finally say goodbye to those! This Finisher Wire Clamp is sure to make those eyesores into something beautifully organized.

These wire clamps can help you organize and manage the wires to keep your space in order. From now on, you will get rid of tangled disasters, handle work faster, and maintain a good mood every day!

Get your space and mind in order! An organized work area equals to organized thinking. So get your own Finisher Wire Clamps now, and experience a more productive and undisturbed setting!

Easy to install. No need to punch holes, no damage to the wall. You can do it in 7 seconds or less. Just peel and stick for immediate use.

20 Fixed Clamps 
Numerous clamps to help you easily organize your home wires and data lines.

Can be used for your cables, cords, and wires. Most applicable on the computer, USB cable, car, table, electrical, charger, or mouse cord in your home, garage, and office.

Environment-friendly design and material. Made with the strongest plastic and adhesive, so it would not fall off or break easily. 


    • Materials: ABS+3M
    • Weight: 53g
    • Size: 

    Package Includes:

    • 20pcs Finisher Wire Clamp



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