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Expanding Photographic Medallion


A charming necklace that makes a great gift for anyone!

Lockets are meant to carry photos of the people who are most important to you. Our Expanding Photographic Medallion never makes you choose!

It is able to hold 4 precious pictures of your family members. You'll love and admire the unique design of this sweet locket and cherish the memories that are held inside.

It helps to scrawl unforgettable moments.

Are you tired of storing photos on electronic devices? Expanding Photographic Medallion helps store photos of your family and children.

An exquisite fashion accessory.

It is an elegant accessory that highlights beauty and personalization. Using it will make you more beautiful and charming. It will always make you different to go to a party, work or attend a graduation ceremony. What are you waiting for?

Give away.

This unique medallion is a perfect gift for loved ones and friends to remember those precious people in their lives and keep them close to their hearts.

  • Open the applause of the angel's wing in this beautiful medallion and expand to reveal 4 photos of the precious ones.


  • Material: Metal (stainless steel/copper)
  • Pendant Size: 2.2 cm (0.8 inches)
  • Photo Size: 1.5cm (0.2 inch)

HOW TO USE: Simply paste your photos on the medallion with double-sided tape or glue.


Is it glued with glue or double-sided tape?

Answer: You just need to put the picture of the corresponding size, perfect photo frame.

What is the length of the chains?

Answer: The chain is 25 cm long, you will become more charming with it and you can always take love to your side.


  • 1 pcs x Expanding Photographic Medallion



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