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Electric Robot Fish


Surprise Your Pets With This Lifelike Swimming Fish!

Every kid wants a pet but not many are fully committed to the tedious task of caring for the helpless animals. That’s just another irony of life but not when you have an Electric Robot Fish – a hassle-free pet that doesn’t need any feeding or cleaning after.

Just insert the batteries, throw the cute aqua robot in a cute fishbowl, and you are good to go. Your kids will love it and your cat will go crazy chasing the colorful robot swimming in the tank while you sit back and enjoy the show.

  • Small, intelligent and packed with the latest technology, the super cool techno-toys Robot Fish replicates the natural movement of a fish.
  • Simply unwrap the Robot Fish, drop it into the water and watch it swim around like just like the real thing.

  • Water-activated/swim sensors.
  • Built-in energy-saving mode.
  • High simulation, as true fish floating and sinking combined free-floating.
  • Life-Like Tail Fin Motion.

The robot fish are able to swim in 5 different directions and actually look like real fish until you look at them a bit closer.


  • Materials: Intelligent movement + ABS + SOFT PVC
  • Power: Button cell 1.5V / 140Ma LR44 × 2 (included in the fish)


  • 1 pc x Electric Robot Fish




SHIPPING DELAY NOTICE: Please expect a 2-4 week shipping delay due to the High Volume of Order.

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