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Electric Heated Lunch Box


The convenient and perfect way to keep your meals warm while on the go!


Having lunch at work can be a daily challenge. Going out to lunch or ordering takeout every day can get very expensive, not to mention bad for your health, so many people opt to bring their own lunches from home. There may be an office kitchen, or simply a break room, or in some cases, the employer may not provide a place to store lunches and employees may end up keeping their lunches at their desks.


Often, cold lunches are easier to prepare and store depending on the particular workplace setup. Many people resign themselves to eating cold lunches five days a week, often with the same things for lunch every day. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Electrically heated lunch boxes make it possible to have hot lunches at work. What’s more, they also have several unexpected benefits beyond the office.


The best compact solution to enjoy homemade prepared meals so you will never have an excuse to eat out again!

Do you always want warm food every single time, wherever and whenever you are? With the Electric Heating Lunch Box, you can heat up your food easily without the need for the microwave!


With this lunch box, you can heat up your meal at school, in office, or even while traveling in your car. It keeps the food moisture so it won’t dry up unlike when using a microwave, thus giving you tastier food.


No need to spend so much time with long queues for microwaves when you can have your own Electric Heating Lunch Box. Heat up your food and keep it warm until you eat it!


Simply plug the lunch box into a nearby power outlet and watch as it slowly heats up your meal to perfection in as little as 10-20 minutes!


"Wife is a flight attendant and I purchased this for her to take on trips. She freezes leftovers in small portions and uses this to reheat in the room on overnights. She likes it and it saves us money so she won't have to eat out or get not so good for your fast foods." - Joven, 38, CUSTOMER



  • Meals On-Demand: Heat up and enjoy deliciously prepared meals during work, office, school, long drives, travels, and more!

  • Simultaneous Heating: Includes 2 compartments to heat up different sets of your meal at the same time! Meals are ready within 10-20 minutes.
  • All-in-one Design features a foldable carrying handle, a small compartment to hold your spoon/fork, durable clips for tight sealing, air vent to release steam, and a power indicator that lets you know when your food is ready to go!

  • Money Saver: Now you can enjoy prepared and leftover meals from home at the comfort of your workspace - no more overspending on fast food.

  • Safe & Eco-Friendly: Made with FDA-approved food-grade materials, 100% BPA free plastics, non-toxic, power-efficient, and easy to clean.


    • Material: Plastic
    • Size: 235 x 165 x 110mm
    • Power: 40W
    • Voltage: 220V / 12V
    • Capacity: 1.05L (Rice box 0.66L / Dish box 0.45L)


    • 1 pc x Electric Heated Lunch Box

    How To Clean:

    It's really simple! Firstly, make sure the power adapter port is closed with the included attachable seal to prevent liquids from entering. Then just rinse the inside compartments and wipe excess foods off with a cleaning sponge.


    • It can not be placed in a microwave and oven for heating.
    • Please open the exhaust cover before heating.
    • Do not place the lunch box in water.



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