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EasySwap™ Handbag Organizer


No More Messy Purses or "Black Hole" Handbags!

With our brand new EasySwap™ handbag organizer, you can swap bags instantly; with all your items organized in a compact user-friendly and high quality pouch! Never have to worry about forgetting/losing anything in your handbag again!

Purses / Handbags come in different shapes and styles. With so many designs, it can be a pain to switch purses without having to manually transfer everything yourself. Luckily, this organizer solves that problem!

You deserve a hassle-free life! Avoid stress as much as possible. You can start by making your bags easier to handle. So what are you waiting for? Get one now before it's too late! 

"Flexifit" Design
allows each organizer to fit in most kinds of bags.

Easy-Clean Material
Made of high quality, easy-clean cotton + polyester.

Comfort & Efficiency
each organizer comes with 13 Pockets of different sizes to customize your personal stuff.

Multiple zip pockets
to secure your belongings and prevent them from slipping out.
Various sized pockets to customize your personal belongings. 2 Large zip pockets, 6 Mesh Side Pockets, 1 Large open pocket, and 4 Open Side Pockets.

Perfect for holding all your belongings from cosmetics to cell phones to pocketbooks, travel goods, and etc.

Stylish Colors
Available in a variety of colors: Black, Sky Blue, Grey, Green, Rosy, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Blue


    Package Includes:

    • 1x Handbag Organizer



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