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CollapsiBike™ Telescopic Fender



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If you regularly cycle, then you know that the only scary thing about it is not knowing what's on your back, especially during nighttime! Luckily for you, we've got you covered! The CollapsiBike™ Telescopic Fender is here to make biking easier for you.

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The CollapsiBike™ Telescopic Fender is a lightweight mudguard that has a taillight on its rear. It makes sure that your back is protected by avoiding mud or water from spraying on you, and that any vehicle can see you thanks to the rear light!

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So what are you waiting for? This simple product can make you a lot safer and even spruce up your bike's design. Go get your own CollapsiBike™ Telescopic Fender now!

  • Includes a taillight for more protection and safety
  • The tail fender is widened to prevent muddy water
  • Highly durable. Shock and weather resistant
  • Freely adjustable design to fit your preferences
  • Allows you to ride smoothly even on rainy days

How to use:

  1. First, prepare the fenders by attaching the connectors. Use screws and other installation materials as needed.
  2. Check the parts of the bicycle you would install your fenders on. For the front fender, check the diameter of the fork. For the rear fender, you can choose between the seat clamp and the rear frame.
  3. If the connectors fit with the corresponding bicycle parts, finally install it. Tighten the screw to guarantee stability.
  4. Adjust according to preference. You may make it longer or shorter with the telescopic design.
  5. Do not forget to add the taillight on your rear fender.


  • Material: PVC, Soft Rubber
  • Weight: 0.15kg (0.33lb.)
  • Size: 30cm x 30cm x 10cm (11.81in x 11.81in x 3.94in)

Package Includes:

  • 1x Rear fender
  • 1x Front fender
  • 1x Installation set




SHIPPING DELAY NOTICE: Please expect a 2-4 week shipping delay due to the High Volume of Order.

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