Children Doodle Water Drawing Pen & Mat

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Children Doodle Writing Drawing Pen (2 pieces) & Mat
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  • Doodle drawing toys for kids above 2 years old. (Warning)
  • Fill the pen with clear water, and you can start doodle on the mat.
  • Drawing on the white area of the doodle mat. 
  • The drawing will magically disappear in few minutes, kids can doodle again and again.
  • The foggy letters and Arabic numbers around the white area can guide kids how to write them.
  • Doodle freely, can develop kids artistic accomplishment, hands-on ability, exploring ability and creativity and imagination.
  • Non-toxic, a good alternative to paper canvas.
  • The pen is twisted off counterclockwise, to prevent baby from opening it easily.
  • The back of the mat is water-resistant nylon material, no worry about wetting the floor. 
  • Not only toys but also a communicative link between you and your baby.
  • Size: 80cm x 60cm / 31.5 x 23.6 inches.
  • No washing.

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