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Cat Scratching Ball


Scratch away your problems and satisfy your cat's natural scratching instinct!

Some cats get upset when you leave them alone at home. If that describes your cat, then this Cat Scratching Ball is a great solution. It provides a dedicated place for scratching and alleviates destructive behavior to household objects.

Sphere shape provides additional opportunities for jumping and pouncing while the feather-tipped tassel engages your cat in play. Watch as your cat stretches and tones while keeping nails groomed and paws.

  • Multiple Functions: Well-designed according to cat's habits, practical, innovative, environmentally protection, space-saving, multi-functional, small and compact, not take up too much space.
  • Furniture Protection: Your cat can easily grind its paws, prevent cat from scratching your floor, sofa, cushions and furniture.
  • Attract Cats'Attention: Attract your cats to play. Protect your furniture from scratching and satisfy cat's natural scratching instinct.
  • Bring Joy to Cats: Cat's favorite toy, bring joy to them, can also sharpen cat's claws.
  • Easy to Install: Simple to operate. Made of solid wood and hemp rope material, recyclable, environmentally protection, wear-resistant.
  • Simple, fashionable and versatile: Natural wood and the modern furniture style of the family are not unobtrusive and blend in the family.

    Installation Method

    1. Unpack the components.
    2. Install the wooden stick as shown in the figure.
    3. Thread the sisal ball into the top wooden stick, and install another wooden board.
    4. Use screwdriver to touch the stick and the board, and tighten the screw.


    • Condition: New
    • Material: Natural Wood + Hemp Rope
    • Size: 16x18x18cm (Small Size) - 16x22x18cm (Large Size)
    • Ball Diameter: 12cm (Small Size) - 16cm (Large Size)
    • Color: Multicolor


        • 1 set x Cat Scratching Ball


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