Build On Brick Mug


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If you're in a climate where 9 am meetings are the norm, you're going to need more than caffeine to stay awake. Enter the DIY Build-On Brick Mug. It's a coffee mug and construction set all in one! Bring along a handful of your favorite building blocks - it's compatible with LEGO, Pixel Blocks, Mega Blokes, KRE-O, or K'NEX Bricks - and tinker with a creation while your upper management drones on about things they think are important. What will your mug become? That's up to you! Be sure to send us your Action Shots!


  • Drink your coffee and build something, too!
  • Choose from black, grey, or red
  • Mug with exterior building surface compatible with most bricks
  • Compatibility:
  • Lego
    • PixelBlocks
    • Mega Blocks
    • KRE-O
    • K'NEX Bricks™
    • Please allow 3 - 6 weeks for International Shipping