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BOBOVR™ Virtual Reality Game Set



If you're looking for a way to enjoy 3d games and movies from your phone, you're in the right place. Take a step into the incredible virtual reality world with HD quality and realistic gaming and viewing experience.

You can now have your own private theater and gaming pad on the go. BOBOVR™ Virtual Reality Game Set gives you a 120-degrees field of view with 42mm PMMA HD lenses and it's equipped with 360-degrees surround HIFI Stereo Sound and 3.5mm audio jack. Put this on, sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

It is also very easy to use. Just make sure smartphones' width is less than 82mm, length less than 160mm, and thickness no more than 10mm. For calibration and connection, just download the application that is both available for Andriod and IOS phones.

BOBOVR™ Virtual Reality Game Set also comes with a remote that you'll find very handy. All it needs is 2 AA batteries to power up. From this remote, you can answer phone calls, control the volume and play android and VR games.

3D IMAX SCREEN - To give the best view and an immersive gaming experience BOBOVR™ Virtual Reality Game Set features 120-Degrees large field of view with 42mm PMMA HD Lenses, which is close to our visual angle.

SURROUND STEREO SOUND - The experience would not be complete without the perfect audio. For you to experience the best overall VR BOBOVR™ Virtual Reality Game Set is equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack and 360-Degrees Surround Sound that guarantees HIFI and loud volume audio.

MYOPIA & HYPEROPIA - If you're myopia or hyperopia, we've got you covered! You can use the BOBOVR™ Virtual Reality Game Set without wearing your glasses. With its anti-blue lens that effectively filters the blue light to protect your eyes. It's suitable for people within 0 800° myopia and 0-400° hyperopia.

FOCAL ADJUSTMENT - For better comfort, the lenses are also adjustable to fit your needs. You can adjust the 2 lenses independently to support interpupillary distance and focal length adjustments. BOBOVR is indeed suitable for different people.

THERMAL DESIGN - To ensure not just your safety but your phone too, BOBOVR™ Virtual Reality Game Set features multiple thermal designs.  The phone holder will prevent your smartphone from getting too hot and protect the lenses from water mists.





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