Baseboard Buddy

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The Fast and Easy Way to Clean Your Baseboards

Cleaning baseboards have never been easier with Baseboard Buddy. Baseboard Buddy removes the hard work from cleaning baseboards by removing the need to get down on your knees and scrub the dirt and grime. Baseboard Buddy’s adjustable design the work for you. It allows you to extend the handle to the desired length, place the microfiber pad against the baseboard, and walk as the pad glides and lifts the dirt away.

Baseboard Buddy’s lengthy handle makes it easy to reach tough spaces behind furniture, appliances, and fixtures such as toilets. Crown molding and door casings suddenly become more accessible too. You’ll no longer have to drag around a step ladder or climb on a chair to reach those high places. Just lift up Baseboard Buddy and let it do the work.

Make Neglected Baseboards Look Like the Day They were Painted

With Baseboard Buddy, keeping baseboards looking freshly painted is no longer a chore. The plush microfibers conform to the shape of the baseboards, so all the curves and contours are cleaned as it glides along the surface to pull away dust and dirt.

Use Baseboard Buddy dry for everyday cleaning, or use it wet to get off stubborn grime. No more straining to reach behind furniture or back-wrenching scrubbing on hands and knees. Take some of the work out of housework with Baseboard Buddy.

Now you can easily keep your baseboards, door frames and ceiling moldings clean and dust-free without bending, kneeling or climbing on ladders. Baseboard Buddy features a flexible head that conforms to any baseboard or molding. It has an adjustable handle that extends to 4-feet and comes with 3 removable, reusable cleaning pads that have textured fibers to grab dust and dirt while buffing woodwork. Great to use wet or dry, the swivel head lets you clean from any angle so you can simply walk and glide.


  • Simply walk and glide to use.
  • Use it dry for routine cleaning.
  • Use it wet to make baseboards look freshly painted.
  • Rides on baseboards and conforms to its shape.
  • Flexible head design.
  • 360-degree swivel action.
  • Telescopic handle reaches up to 60 inches.
  • Use wet or dry.


  • Material: Aluminum, Plastic, Polyester
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Handle Length: 48 inches
  • Size: Maximum Length: 135 CM
            Tube Diameter: 2 CM
            Brush: 11 * 8 * 1.5 CM

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