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Automatic Water Level Control Float Valve


You must have encountered such a situation, forget to turn off the faucet, then you will need this automatic shut off valve,When it reaches the water level, it will automatically close the water valve

Automatic water level controller😎😎It will automatically close the water valve when it reaches the water level👍 👍and it will automatically open when it is below the water level.😍

Small size and easy to install: Estimated rate of flow up to 40 psi 3 gallons per minute At 60 psi 5 gallons per minute.

Environmentally Friendly: Safe and will not release any toxic substance.

Wide Application: Widely used in water boiler machine, rice steaming machine, water tanks, water tower, toilet cisterns, etc.

Worry-free Purchase:We have confidence in this product, please feel free to contact us whenever it is broken. At the same time, since this product is a valve that can move automatically, regular inspection and maintenance are necessary. Check the front screen and whether the valve is normally started and closed every month.


  • Material: Nylon PA66 + Food grade rubber
  • Working Pressure Range: 1-10 KG (0.1-1MPa)
  • Applicable Medium Temperature: ≤70 °
  • Resistance to high-temperature Medium Temperature: 70 ° ~ 120 °
  • Size: 72 x 50 x 70mm


  • 1 pc x Automatic Water Level Control Float Valve




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