Automatic Tumble Domino Train With Light Sound Set



Automatic Domino Train Set

Plastic Type: ABS
Material: Plastic
Warning: Choking Hazard
Age Range: > 4 years old
Plastic Block Shape: Square
Color: Red, Transparent
Features: Domino train
Classification: Battery-operated


  • Includes 60 Domino & 1 Loading Cartridges & 1 tree
  • One Motorized Train that Sets Up the Domino blocks
  • Change direction by turning the chimney
  • Lights & Sound
  • Requires 2 "AA" batteries (not included)
  • Color:Red / Transparent   


  • Rack them up and Knock them Down!
  • Tired of manually setting up your dominoes course?
  • With this battery operated domino train set, setting up your dominoes is easier than ever! This domino train toy aims to provide fun and entertainment for kids of all ages. 
  • Simply load the plastic tile into the cartridge 
  • Attach the cartridge to the top of the train and switch on!
  • Turn the train’s funnel to steer left and right
  • As the train moves forward, it will deposit the dominoes standing in a row 
  • Reload the cartridge when empty, turn on the train and continue 
  • Once you’ve created your domino course, knock them down! Ideal on wooden, laminate, or smooth surfaces. 
  • Kids love this building toy, and they love watching the chain reaction of dominoes.
  • A fun toy that  keep kids occupied for a long time.


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