Pet Cozy Calming Warm Bed



The Pawfect Bed to Ease Your Pet’s Anxiety! 

The Pet Cozy Calming Warm Bed is ultra-soft, made with vegan fur, with a raised outer edge for extra coziness.

1 in 4 dogs suffer from anxiety, the Cozy Calming Bed mimics the comfort of a mothers fur to relieve stress and ensure your fur baby gets the best rest.

Most of the time, the cause for anxiety can be triggered by one of two things: Fear of their environment, or separation from their loved ones. As social animals, few, if any dogs at all, actually enjoy being left alone.

Any dog parent knows that when you leave for even short periods of time, upon your return, your fur baby will respond as if you've been away for months!

How Do We Help Stop These Anxiety Attacks?

Simple: Create an environment that provides a feeling of safety and comfort.

Whether they’re curling up for the night or just taking an afternoon nap, most dogs will sleep just about anywhere. But cold and hard floors make it difficult to get comfortable, diminishing sleep quality and worsening joint pain, leading to less than optimal health and behavior.

How does The Cozy Calming Bed Ease Anxiety?

The raised rim around the Cozy Calming Bed creates a sense of security. This activates the nervous system in a positive way, which allows your dog to calm down faster and sleep more soundly. As an added bonus, the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief. This is great for elderly dogs who may be suffering from arthritis.

Our Cozy Calming Bed can help relax and ground your furry friends. This concept is known to therapists, who have been using it for decades to help ease anxiety.

What Material Is Used in The Cozy Calming Bed?

Luxurious Vegan Fabric.
The same fabric used on blankets for babies! It's soft, durable, and machine-washable.

This material mimics the warmth of their mother, providing an extra feeling of security. The luxury design makes this Cozy Calming Bed a great addition to accommodate the design of any home.

Easy to Clean - Our Cozy Calming Bed is 100% machine washable.

Our Cozy Calming Bed Features

Ideal for dogs who love to curl up! The raised rim provides head and neck support, while the supersoft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.
The bed is made from luxurious vegan fur, mimicking the warmth of their mother. This natural feeling of comfort and safety can drastically reduce anxiety.

Every bed is machine washable, so you can ensure your fur baby always has a fresh place to relax. (Machine wash, gentle cycle. Tumble dry)


  • Material: Plush 
  • Sizes (diameter x height):
    • SMALL - 40 x 20 cm (for pets not greater than 5kg)
    • MEDIUM - 50 x 20 cm (for pets not greater than 10kg)
    • LARGE - 60 X 20 cm (for pets not greater than 18kg)
    • EXTRA-LARGE - 70 x 20 cm (for pets not greater than 35kg)


  • 1 x Pet Cozy Calming Warm Bed



SHIPPING DELAY NOTICE: Please expect 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to the High Volume of Order.

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