6 Pairs Instant Eyeshadow Sticker

$19.99 $14.99

  • Instant eye shadow
  • Easy application.                   
  • No need for makeup skills, no secondary applicators and no brushes.
  • Designed for all occasions: Halloween parties, formal events, casual work make up.
  • The eye shadow can be used on any skin tone
  • Long lasting and waterproof
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Crease-proof

Type: Instant Eye shadow
Quantity: 6 Pairs
Benefit: Long-lasting,Natural
NET WT: 6*2.5cm
Ingredient: Makeup Sheets Sticker Eye shadow Paper
Waterproof / Water-Resistant: Yes

Random colors will be sent.

** Random colors will be sent. 


1.Clean and dry the skin completely

2.Remove the transparent film

3.Place tattoo face down on the skin

4.Rub and wet the tattoo completely with water

5.Peel the corner of the tattoo gently to check if it is transferred

6.Your tattoo can last for several days if transferred carefully How to remove tattoo Rub with cold cream or baby oil Alcohol will remove the tattoo instantly

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