300ml USB Electric Aroma Air Diffuser


300ml USB Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

 Using Method

Fill the water tank with water maximum 300ml. Remove the filter from the spring wire and emerge the whole filter in the water tank for about 1-2 minutes before you put the filter back to the spring wire. Put 2-4 drops of essential oil and tighten the cover. Connect the charger to the plug(not included) and switch it on.

  • Press One Time: The mist will diffuse and led light will be on.
  • Press Twice time: The mist will diffuse but LED light will be off.
  • Press third time: Power off.
    • Do not  add too much essential oil.
    • Add appropriate amount of water, maximum amount is 300ml.
**Maintenance instruction
Clean and change filter regularly. You must place the filter with the spring wire if not the mist will not be diffused.
Please clean the atomizer plate with alcohol regularly.


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