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Jawliner Exercise Ball


Get that jaw dropping jaw line today

Finally, a way for you to train your jaw. Giving you the chiselled jaw line you deserve.

Just imagine having the jaw you dreamt of, you know, the one that models have when they pout for a camera. Imagine how much your confidence would blossom, how many more girls would compliment you, well this is all achievable with The Jaw Liner.

Do we really have to explain it again? Training your jaw muscles with chewing gum is like training your biceps with 2KG dumbells, sure you will see results eventually, but it will take forever.

The three key differences between The Jaw Liner and chewing gum are:

  1. The Jaw Liner is more efficient and eco friendly, its a one time purchase made to last

  2. 20X The Strength of regular chewing gum

  3. Equal results from both sides

30 day results from using The Jaw Liner


  1. Start YOUR Workout, take the Jaw Liner and wash them with warm water, place on molar teeth, one on each side.
  1. Chew slowly, holding each chew for 1 second, repeat this exercise until your mouth gets tired, this should be around 2-3 minutes.
  1. Chew fast, this tie chew quickly in a controlled manner for around 6-9 minutes.
  1. Repeat the set 3-4 times every other day. 

    ✅ See your results in weeks 

    ✅ Transform Your Jaw

    ✅ Replacement Jaw Liners offered under the Replacement policy

    ✅ Certified Food Grade Usage

    ✅ Easy to wash with water

    ✅ Optimized resistance for best quality results


    • Material: Rubber
    • Color: White, Black, Gray


    • Jawliner Exercise Ball



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