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ChairGuard™ Silicone Furniture Protector

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 No More Wear and Tear for your Furniture and Floor! 

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Protect the furniture and floor from wear and tear with this ChairGuard™ Silicone Furniture Protectors. The elastic tension of the silicone makes these covers suitable for various forms of furniture legs! 
No more scratches on the floor or unstable chairs! With this ChairGuard™ Silicone Furniture Protector, your furniture would be as comfortable as they can be.
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Every second without this ChairGuard™ Silicone Furniture Protector may mean another scratch for your furniture and floor! So get your own ChairGuard™ Silicone Furniture Protector right at this moment!

  • FLOOR PROTECTION: Protects both the legs of the table or chair and the floor from damage; the non-slip bottom pad prevents scratches and noises without leaving marks. The flexible silicone box is easy to put on, giving the chair leg a comfortable grip like a glove.
  • INCREASED STABILITY: Significantly increases the grip of the chair leg on the floor
  • MATERIAL: Made of soft silicone, 100% non-toxic, safe for children and pets, it adapts to many types of movable feet: dining room chair, bar stool, garden chair, kitchen chair, bistro chairs, dining chair table, etc.
  • DESIGN: Made of transparent silicone gel, it adapts to all types of home design, you will hardly notice them with the transparent design.


    • Material: High-quality silicone
    • Size:  Round 4x3 * 2x3cm/ 1.6x1.2 * .8x1.2 in

    Package Includes:

    • 16pcs. x  ChairGuard™ Silicone Furniture Protector



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